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Film / Television CreditsRandall Duk Kim
YearFilm / TVTitleRole

Film and Television:
2010Paramount Pictures The Last Airbender
Old Man in Temple
2009 Warner Bros
(filmed in Berlin)
Ninja Assassin Tattoo Master
2009Twentieth Century Fox
(filmed in Mexico)
Dragonball EvolutionGrandpa Gohan
Prologue (voice)
2008DreamWorks AnimationKung Fu PandaOogway (Voice)
2008DreamWorks AnimationSecrets of the Furious Five
Oogway (Voice)
2007Alien/Nitrate PicturesFalling For GraceMr. Hung (Cameo)
2006Funny Cry HappyYear of the Fish
(Sundance Festival)
Auntie Yaga, Foreman & Crazy Old Man
2005Red Wagon Productions
Columbia Pictures Corp.
Memoirs of a Geisha Dr. Crab
2004Walt Disney PicturesMulan DVD
Special Edition
Narrator (Voice)
2004Myriad Arts ProductionsHomecomingWhitaker (Cameo)
2003Warner Brothers (filmed in San Francisco & Australia)Matrix ReloadedThe Keymaker
2000Hallmark Hall of Fame (filmed in Singapore & Prague)The Lost Empire
a.k.a. The Monkey King
Master Shu
1999Farang Films Ltd, Twentieth Century Fox (filmed in Malaysia)Anna and the KingGeneral Alak
1997Columbia PicturesThe Replacement KillersAlan Chan
1995BBC-TV Special (Co-star with John Hurt, filmed in Thailand and England)Prisoners in TimeNagase Takashi
1974Hollywoood PBS MovieNourish the BeastCriminal
1970Mirish Corporation
Twentieth Century Fox
The HawaiiansOlder Asia
Television Guest Star
2008FoxFringeDashiell Briggs
2008Fox & Regency TVNew AmsterdamDonald Chen
2008ABCCashmere MafiaJohn Mason
2006FX TelevisionThief
In The Wind

Uncle Lau
Uncle Lau
Uncle Lau
2001A&E  100 Centre StreetPhan Van Trong
CBSHawaii Five-0
1969  The King Kamehameha
1968   By the Numbers John Lo
1968   Death WatchOscar
1968   And They Painted Daisies
       on His Coffin
Interactive Video Games:
2006Midway GamesStranglehold Voice: James Wong
2005Eon EntertainmentThe Matrix:
     Path of Neo
The Keymaker
2003Vivendi Universal GamesRed NinjaVoice of Shingen
2002Eon Entertainment
Warner Brothers
Enter the MatrixThe Keymaker
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